BBBBBBibimbap! Korean Kuisine at its finest!

So I love Korean stuff–food, people, tv dramas…etc.

I am fortunate to have met some awesome Korean folks who added loads of fun to my life 🙂 Thanks guys & gals!

And with their inspiration, I turn to the letter B. BIBIMBAP is a delicious rice dish that has an assortment of seasoned veggies and meat topped off with a sunny-side up egg and let me tell YOU: it’s the egg that pulls together all this deliciousness!….and maybe the spicy hot sauce too!

I have never made this dish before but it has sizzled in front of my eyes several times on a hot plate when I was living in Vietnam…FUN FACT: did you know there are loads of Koreans living in the ‘Nam? And this is why they have some awesome Korean cuisine there. My personal observation was that all the Korean businesspeople were really hard-working and would have factories in many areas (furniture, appliances, travel, even socks!).

Sooooo here’s the recipe I used (always loosely followed) by searching “easy bibimbap recipe”.

And here’s my final result:

Honestly, making this is Geneva was a bit pricy so I did go over the 10 francs by a bit but that’s because sesame oil is already half of that and bean sprouts and Asian mushrooms are truly a luxury in this part of Europe but it’s just b/c of my location. It’s still not an expensive dish but I do happen to have a nice ol’ jar of Korean chilli paste, given to me as a good-bye gift in Ottawa by my awesome friend Jin 🙂

OH and there’s a reason no one ever posts the pic of bibimbap after it’s mixed up = NOT tantalizing!
So give it a try and I guarantee you’ll like it. It’s just a bunch of chopping and seasoning but it does take about an hour so not hardcore labour though not free and easy either 🙂

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