M does not follow B BUT….

Today’s creation was MINESTRONE soup! Italian originally, now we see this soup often on cafeteria menus in Canada all the time and probably in other countries too I believe….

INSPIRATION: For Easter weekend, or rather, the FEASTING of it, I was fortunate enough to be invited to an AWESOME, homemade Eastern European-style dinner made by a few lovely boys from CERN..Do you know what CERN is? I probably should be ashamed to say that I didn’t…before I moved to Geneva. But I do now 😉 Anyway, these boys know how to cook! And the first course was MINESTRONE!!!! Kinda hilarious but as I was going to eat smthg that boys made and science-nerdy boys too, I wasn’t expecting much… BUT.I.FORGOT.I.AM.IN.EUROPE.BABY! And food here usually outshines the North-American norms but again, I digress….

So they prepared a lovely soup that we ate with creme fraiche and bread with duck fat on it….seriously DELISH!!!!

And here’s my remake using a vegetarian recipe that seemed easy enough:

A WORD ON SOUPS chez Cathy: It has been ages since I’ve made a giant pot like this. I used to do this more in Vietnam with all the fresh veggies–I know, I know, it’s kinda weird to make and eat hot soup in a hot country??!! but it was nostalgia. Hilariously, I made more soup in VN than in freeeezing Ottawa 🙂 But then, I had my awesome slow cooker–baby I still love you!

Sooo the minestrone was different from the CERN soup but good. IT was very tomato-y which is how I like it 🙂

PICS to come…FINALLY in 2015 lol

bon appetit tout le monde!

  1. I hope this is a year long project 😀 26 letters…