Nostalgia splatter! ODE to Vietnam memories


Soooo it’s been awhile and I am up to my ears in other things i need to blog about…I’m on letter H of cooking and letter A of blogging… = PROBLEM 🙁

But that’ll all come. Today I want to test my memory. Finally I’m catching up with friends and the VNese memories keep coming back. So here we are: LISTS!

1. Rollerblading: never did this in VN but I remember sleepy Danang streets when my pal Boram was the ONLY blader in town and like…10 bikes FOLLOWED his every move! LOL!

2. Riding scooter sans helmet! Yup been there done that in 2006-07 until Boram reminded me that I COULD DIE! Yup then I used mine all the time and then they made it a law at the end of the year and BOOM, just like that, ALL the Communist country’s ppl had helmets!

3. the white-headed turtle!!!! And the giant one in Hanoi 😉 The former belongs to my landlord who loves the birds and the bees (seriously he took the bus with birds in cages but he’s 80 so they let him do what he wants) And the latter is a mythical creature that only few see in real life—UNLESS you happen to be me n my dad in 2006 at 5:30 am! SCORE 🙂

4. heat, smells, lush greenery! gosh it all flashes by on this lovely day in 2013 and it has been 2.5 years!!! When shall I go back…?

This was the original blog pic and from my first visit to VN ever–with my awesomely great parents aka translators 🙂

5. the friends! oh the friends! i know ppl from many parts of the world after living in VN for 4 years 🙂 Some are in Europe near me now and I’ve seen two here in Geneva and many others are scatttered…. reunions do come my friends, they do!

6. the food!!! ahhhhhhh, VNese cuisine is 10x as pricey in Geneva and like 10% as good. so it is a baddddddd deal! I will go to Paris for VNese and it is still half of what it costs here = ridicule! but I cannot wait to return to Trung Nguyen, my tropical coffee shop!

I think that ends this session of mind blurt, brought to you by the memories of a gal who hasn’t slept much b/c of sheer excitement and good talks about her beloved former home 🙂

Now back to the drill of responsibility….booooooo!

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