F = fries, fijitas & fennel

It was Saturday and the end of the first week of cooking and I had been doing it everyday and making some complicated things so I wanted to cheat…

Option 1: “French fries” says the boy. Great idea I think….easy peasy and I love sweet potato fries…

Option 2: I’ll make fennel salad too b/c he does not eat too many veggies and it’s easy too…ahhhhhhhhh.

Phone call to his mum takes place: “but fries are chips…and that isn’t really something that starts with F…. (darn British ppl!)..how about fajitas?”

Me: She is right.

Boy: But you are Canadian so who cares?

Me: But she is right and you are British. And fries are so easy and I’ve made them before.

Sooooo? Me = off to grocery store in FRANCE on FOOT b/c Swiss shops close earlier and COST MORE!??!!!

But she was right: our meal was much better and for the record, he called the fries chips so clearly, I needed more F-foods 🙂