But who can resist the UN duty free shop!??!!

Now if you have been there, you know it is the bomb.com! (FASHOLA u no this expression still rocks!)

If you are not a banker perhaps, you are always on the lookout for deals in this city. If you are a diplomat, often this shop is just the most convenient as it is on the UN grounds. (I once saw my boss here buying makeup 😛 )

But seriously, it’s like the BEST convenience/corner shop you ever did find, firstly well, b/c actually, it is NOT that small.

Walk down the ramp in the S section of the Palais des Nations grounds and boom, you’ll see it.

At the entry way, there are always the deals….designer bags (seriously I saw one for like $600!), watches (decently priced), Swiss chocos (cuz who doesn’t want this?) and my personal fave: DORITOS!!!! You can’t find these chips in regular Swiss grocery stores so voila, here I can get them and b/c I’m pretty sure there’s either a foreign import tax or junk food tax on chips en suisse, can you believe that a normal bag that is medium sized is $6 outside???? NON c’est pas le prix pour moi!

Once I bot my 5 kg bag of Thai rice for 9 chf, which is less than it is in the regular shops at 12 chf…Can you imagine me lugging that back to the office….good thing it was later so my boss didn’t see me lol!

I seriously shop there all the time!!! YES they take MASTERCARD! If it were cash only, I would’ve saved A LOT of money lol. I had to take breaks for months otherwise, poof goes the money 😛

traveling bff: Mastercard!

traveling bff: Mastercard!

I’ve scanned the shelves and of course everyone is gonna have different favourites but these are mine:

!. Spanish olives, there is this certain kind that is so darn delish and mmmmmmm 2 chf
2. VINO VERDE, introduced to me by my first CERNIE, Mario the Portuguese physicist, under 5 chf on sale!
3. chocolate of every type and seriously just 25 cents cheaper to a few bucks cheaper than outside….I see why some never shop anywhere else lolz!
4. these precious fancy crackers with multigrain options and fennel seeds and even cranberries in them, they are the perfect vehicle for cheese n my olives!
5. Asian treats at a fair price: I seriously buy ramen instant noodles, wasabi and soy sauce here lol
6. my muffin/cake platter!!!!!!!!!!

10 chf for this Danish design!

10 chf for this Danish design!

7. the colourful swiss army knives! Orange, blue, black! I have a green baby one from like 8 yrs ago, never had to sharpen it and it still cuts like OUCH. Yep, it’ll draw blood so be careful! 8-20 chf

8. the Swiss army nail clipper and veggie peelers too: the nail clipper is the best gift (I overheard s/o say that everytime he’s in gva, he stocks up on this to give to ppl lolz) 4 chf

9. the chilled wine that you can buy and then take to the BEACH! 5 chf

OK that’s it for now b/c my dad is calling and I’ve gots to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


PS or 10. My former boss’ fave was the Shiseido make-up counter…she said it was like 10 bux cheaper than outside. And so on her advice, I strolled the make-up section for my favourite: coloured mascara. But the super pricey stuff, Dior’s electric blue and Yves Saint Laurent (gold box, fun green, purple or blue inside) are still not so cheap in here….darn, one thing the Swiss know, it’s how to price their items so though there are deals, it’s definitely NOT everything that’s a bargain 😛

OH WELL c’est la vie, surtout en Suisse 😛

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