Sunday Friends

Hiya bya coconut papaya!

It’s been awhile (ok so I haven’t written every day this week!) b/c I have friends! They are coming out of my ears and well, WTF? You’re right, wow, that’s fantastic 🙂

Mimi came back on Sunday but I didn’t meet her at the airport b/c I had OTHER FRIENDS!

I finally made it to the Bread of Life cafe (owned by Westerners and run by Vietnamese deaf) and it turns out that they have an ENGLISH church service there so I went and made [email protected]!!!!

Yeah! I found myself being invited out to lunch and to Hoi An that night to meet a French Viet Kieu (= overseas VN)! So now, I’m making more connections than ever socially. Work is another story altogether!

So there’s this wonderfully linguistic Vietnamese guy named Hai whose English is perfect and is pretty cute as well. He loves languages like s/o else I know but is a bit older so I’m not really interested. He set up an English school called Fischer’s Super Kids with his wife (that’s her maiden name) and so, I asked them if they could set me up with a junior Hai (get it?). So far, he ranks high (or Hai) on the attractive VN guy list (which is getting longer everyday!) hahaahahhaha!

Eric is the French Vietnamese guy that I met in Hoi An and he’s also fabuleux! He’s trilingual and funny and has this neutral accent in English and French that is just so cool to listen to. But he’s lived here for four years and has a gf so that’s another one added to the “just friends” pile. So far, I hardly hear a peep of VNese from him but since our initial meeting, we’ve been eating burgers and shakes, VN rolls and sweet desserts and FRENCH candies. He has a patio so Mimi and I will be the first ppl up there once it’s cleaned 🙂

With Mimi’s return, I’ve been eating out, drinking Biere La Rue, sipping coffees at Wonder, and flirting mercilessly with her coworkers at East Meets West. It’s been a blast and it’s only just begun. Everyday that we hang, I see that when she talks, it’s like me talking. We’re twins or two ends of the same person but I’d say she’s cool and hip and that I’m the “crazier” Mimi.

To give you an example of our similarities, she said that when she likes smthng, she’s a walking billboard. Does that sound like a certain s/o with her LUSH products? I’m even going to give her a piece of my favourite solid conditioner JUNGLE b/c she’s worth it!

She’s outta town this weekend, but now I’ve got Eric and still have Abe so I won’t be lonely. No more 10am rums for me!

  1. I found your site searching for the Superkids english school. It’s funny to read about your thoughts on Hai because he lived with my family for a short while! I went to Da Nang last summer and also got to visit the Bread of Life Cafe and the English school =)